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Research and Document Database

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The Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training is a partnership of the University of Victoria and Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, funded under the Community-University Research Alliances program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. As the group began its program of work in early 2001, it became clear that extensive community and academic resources existed as a result of a long history of discussion and reflection in the many communities of the region and of academic research related to it. What also became clear was the need for substantial investment in promoting increased awareness of the available information and facilitating greater access to it, for purposes both of assisting community members in increasing their own knowledge base and of contributing to more productive academic work by enabling new research undertakings to build more knowledgably and effectively on what had been already done.

As part of its initial contribution to efforts to build research and training capacity within the region, therefore, the CLARET team sought to begin a systematic inventory of research materials and other information held in the region, and of documents describing prior research activities. Sylvia Harron, a researcher and consultant herself, living in Ucluelet, undertook to assemble this initial database, recognizing that it would have to be a ‘living document’, growing and evolving with events in the region, and open to additions and modifications as new information came to light. Ultimately this database, with its further development, is intended to serve as a starting point for any community member or researcher contemplating new work to explore any particular dimensions of the natural or human systems that make up the region. Such a foundation of information will be an essential part of the knowledge base to be maintained by the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust as it plays its ongoing role in promoting and facilitating the growth of knowledge about the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve region and peoples.

Credits and Contact Information

This database was designed and prepared by Sylvia Harron under commission from the Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training (CLARET). She wishes to acknowledge the initiative and support of Kelly Bannister in launching this project as a CLARET activity, as well as the cooperation and assistance received from the organizations and institutions in the region with whom she has had contact in pursuing it. The contributions of Gypsy Wilson, Maggie Zhang and Stan Boychuk, were particularly important in completing the work.

This project will be an ongoing activity. Comments are invited on the design or content of this initial database, as are corrections or suggestions about its development and content to be added. Information on other databases or collections in the regions will also be helpful. Any comments or contributions may be made by contacting the Clayoquot Alliance Project Coordinator.

Table of Contents

How to use the database »

(Microsoft Word file)

Background and description of the database.

Non-profit Contact Information »

(Microsoft Word file)

This listing of non-profit organizations and contact information for the region is also available in booklet form from the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust. (Directory of non-profit organizations in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Region Community (summer 2001)). Although not regularly updated, this document is an excellent resource for identifying “who is who” in the Clayoquot Region. Many of the organizations may have copies of the documents listed in the Database.

2002 Clayoquot Database »

(Microsoft Excel file)

The Clayoquot Region Research and Document Database is designed to be a starting point for finding out what has been researched in the Clayoquot Region. Since this database is an expanded and edited version of an existing one (1999 Long Beach Model Forest), reports and documents that existed at one place and time may or may not still be located there. Also, the intent of the original database was to summarize research, inventory, and monitoring projects related to sustainable forestry in Clayoquot Sound. The database did not refer to a specific collection of documents and included references to projects underway that may or may not have had written documentation. Many of these references were left in this version of the database.

LBMF Library »

(Microsoft Excel file)

This document lists the holdings of the Long Beach Model Forest Society (summer 2002).

School for Field Studies »

(Microsoft Excel file)

This document lists the student projects from 1995 – 2002 for the School for Field Studies in Bamfield. Many of their research project locations are in the Clayoquot Region.

2002 Clayoquot Theses »

(Microsoft Excel file)

A sub-listing of academic theses completed based on research in the region. Entries were derived from various sources including direct contact with the researcher or their local sponsoring agency and on-line from Dissertations International. This listing does not make claims to be 100% complete.

Clayoquot Document Locations »

(Microsoft Excel file)

This spreadsheet lists organizations and individuals that hold Clayoquot related documents. Included is contact information, hours of operation and conditions for lending where applicable. Not all entries in the Clayoquot Sound Research Database have the location of the document noted.
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