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Community Research Needs: Community Health

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One of the central purposes of the Clayoquot Alliance is to promote academic research that responds to community needs and concerns. With this intent in mind, Senior Research Associate Barb Beasley has compiled a list of community research needs related to aquaculture, community health, marine resources, and tourism, each identified collaboratively through a number of interviews, meetings and community events. These included:

Our acknowledgements and thanks go to all involved. Questions, comments and additions to this list are welcomed.

Aquaculture Community health Marine resources Tourism
Themes Relevant Disciplines Research Questions
Governance Political Science; Public Administration How have self-governance systems been developed and implemented by indigenous people around the world?
Decision Making and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Public Administration; Resource and Environmental Management How can the Nuu-chah-nulth framework and Totem of Sustainability be incorporated into management systems?
How have the Scientific Panel’s Recommendations on First Nations’ principles and values been incorporated into resource planning recently?
Language   Appropriate ways to support the Nuu-chah-nulth Language Project should be discussed with members of the Language Project.
Housing Architecture & Design Review existing technologies and building materials and evaluate their suitability for our west coast climate
Community Growth Planning How do our towns & communities grow in a sustainable way?
Green Economic Development Business Develop business strategies and plans for a variety of green economic developments such as the Clayoquot Consortium, tourism research & education initiatives, the Raincoast Interpretive Centre, regional recycling.
Business, Marketing Develop & examine the effectiveness of strategies for marketing specialty products from the west coast and First Nations.
Health Care and Education Nursing, Education, Early Childhood Education, Literacy Appropriate ways to support health care and education through research & student practicums should be discussed with representatives of local agencies.
Environmental Health Environmental Science How is human health connected to environmental health in our communities? What environmental risks do we face and how do we reduce them?
Forest Practices   Evaluate the effectiveness of the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel’s recommendations for maintaining water, soil, biodiversity, productivity, social and economic well-being.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the restoration practices to improve stream and riparian habitat for salmon.
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