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Community Research Needs: Marine Resources

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One of the central purposes of the Clayoquot Alliance is to promote academic research that responds to community needs and concerns. With this intent in mind, Senior Research Associate Barb Beasley has compiled a list of community research needs related to aquaculture, community health, marine resources, and tourism, each identified collaboratively through a number of interviews, meetings and community events. These included:

Our acknowledgements and thanks go to all involved. Questions, comments and additions to this list are welcomed.

Aquaculture Community health Marine resources Tourism
Themes Relevant Disciplines Research Questions
Coastal Resources Geography; Planning; Resource Management What decision-support tools can be used effectively to assist in developing coastal zone plans with community input?
Where are the appropriate sites for establishing shellfish and finfish aquaculture farms in Clayoquot Sound?
Where should we establish hiking trails and wildlife viewing stations within the Tofino Mudflats WMA?
Environmental Sciences; Resource Management; Geography What is the distribution of important coastal resources, such as eelgrass, kelp, wild clams, rockfish, eagle nests, shorebird and waterfowl roosting sites, etc.?
Summarize and map distribution patterns of resources and develop decision-support tools.
Environmental Toxicology; Earth and Oceans Sciences; Biology How does water quality affect the health of eelgrass beds? What is the best monitoring design to detect effects?
Environmental Sciences; Resource Management; Biology Can degraded coastal resources be restored? What are the appropriate methods and timeframes?
Geography; Resource Management What is the feasibility, effectiveness and cost of using remote sensing to map the distribution of kelp and eelgrass across Clayoquot and northern Barkley Sound?
Marine Biology; Geography How will the return of sea otters affect the distribution and structure of kelp forests in Clayoquot Sound?
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